Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our First Camping Trip

 Unfortunately, in 4 years, Scott and I have never been camping together.  We got 2 sleeping bags for our wedding, and until this weekend, one of them was still in the wrapper!  I had a couple of days off this weekend, which is rare so I really wanted to do something special and I thought camping would be fun.  After looking into rates, I realized it would run us about the same as a hotel room.  And let's be honest, if I'm going to spend the money I want a comfy bed, a real bathroom, and a jacuzzi.  So I was bummed that camping wasn't going to happen until Kellie suggested camping in her backyard!  It was the perfect situation: we could stay in a tent but still have a bathroom and kitchen close by, and it was free!  We decided we should make it a camping-themed weekend and went on a hike that morning.

 We went to Griffith Park, which was beautiful, and again, free!

 We didn't last too long though.  We went on the world's shortest hike (we for sure walked less than a mile total) and I ended up carrying Penny the entire way back.
 I do recommend Griffith Park for hiking, but do your research first.  The trails are not well-marked and there is little information available on them at the visitor's center.

After that we headed to the Larsens' for camping.  Penny was so excited because she LOVES those girls.  We all had fun hanging out and eating; unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the girls all playing because we were having too much fun!  Without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was when we woke up in the morning.  When we went into the tent Penny started freaking out and wanted out of that tent.  We had to sing her to sleep!  And when we woke up, the first thing she said was "tent, all done."  But after a few minutes of warming up to it, she was having the time of her life.  She thought the tent was the best thing ever.

We were so cold that night, and part of the reason was that there was a spot in the tent right by my head and one right by Scott's head that was just mesh.  I think this tent was made more for summer and/or we didn't put the cover on right and there was freezing air blowing on my head all night.  Penny was pretty warm in between us so I just put my hood on and slept through it.  To show you how open it was, this was a picture taken in the tent from where I was sleeping (there was mesh covering that view but I guess the camera removed it from the picture):

After we woke up and Penny got more comfortable in the tent, she stole Scott's phone and started taking selfies.  They are HILARIOUS and here they are:
Can you smell the ham?

Thank you, Larsens!  We had a great time!

Halloween 2013

Halloween this year was really fun because Penny actually got it.  She was really excited to dress up and do all of the Halloween stuff.  One thing she was NOT excited for was carving the pumpkin.

She wanted nothing to do with those pumpkin guts!  At one point Scott decided she needed to toughen up and threw some of them on her arm.  I have never heard that girl scream so loud.

Penny chose this costume out of Grandma's supplies and calls it "her kitty".  She loved wearing it and even get mad at me when I took it off of her.
 However, I did have to bribe her with a piece of pre-trick-or-treating candy to get her to let me put makeup on her, which is funny because she is always sneaking into my makeup and if I don't catch her in time I will come in to find eyeliner on my baby.

She also totally got Trick-or-Treating.  She would walk up to each door, knock, say "Trick-or-Treat", get her candy, and then run to Grandpa and say, "Papa!  I got treat in my pumpkin!"

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pink Pancakes

Scott though that the red food coloring was vanilla extract...