Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Viva La Revolucion!

Well, yesterday was a pretty irritating day. I decided I am starting a revolution at my job. Remember that I work for Banana Republic? Well, you see when you work in some retail stores, they have this way of scheduling that is intended to drive the employee crazy! Yes, there are solid hours that you work, but there's a little something called "On-Calls". With On-Calls (referred to as "OCs" hereafter) you might have to go in to work and you might not, depending on the flow of customers and the amount of people who call out that day. Well, yesterday I was OC to work from 3-7 you see. Well, with OCs, you have to call in 2 hours before the time you're scheduled to possibly work. So, I call in at 1 o'clock, following protocol, and the phone is quickly picked up by my friend and fellow employee, Gregory. Well, we say our hellos and talk briefly before I tell him my reason for calling. He tells me he's gonna transfer me to the Manager On Duty (MOD). So I thank him and am put on hold. Shortly after the MOD comes on the phone and asks if she can help me. I tell her it's me and that I'm just calling in to check on my OC. She tells me to wait while she goes to the front of the store to check the schedule. So I wait...and wait and wait and wait and wait for 12 whole minutes! Haha! I was fed up and just hung up. It would have been nice to at least pick up the phone and say "Hey, Scott, would you be able to call back in, like, 15 minutes? Thanks!" I would have been happy to! But no, no such kindness. Well, I didn't call back so I don't know if they needed me or not. All I know is they treat us employees like dirt and they're hypocrites "Don't talk to your co-workers!" And what should I see but managers talking to each other about nothing special in the back! Hahaha! It's ridiculous! Well, sorry to gripe but it feels good to get it out. I'm just done being passive. I think it's time to take some action! Haha! I will become the squeaky wheel! I will have my grease! Mwahahahahahahaaa!

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Hull Family said...

You go boy! You show them whose boss of BR!!!