Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Day

Our first Christmas as a married couple was successful! We were able to visit both families on both days and we had a good time! Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Fraser's (Christy's) and did the traditional stuff there complete with a white elephant gift exchange. People play the game some different ways, some get stuff from their house that they are dying to get rid of but can't throw away and then wrap it up. Others (maybe the ones who are lucky enough not to have anything under that category) go to the store and buy things specifically for the game that are sometimes random, but usually good gifts. Scott and I were lucky enough to pick games from those kind of people, we got a game and a movie, both good ones. TT was also lucky, with his playdo.

Some, not so much. But it made the game so much more fun. Like when TT's brother, Sam, opened up a pair of flamingo salt and pepper shakers.

Don't you love his "smile for the camera" face? In all truthfulness, Sam actually loved his "birds".

Jacob also got an awesome gift: a twilight shirt. Just what he wanted.

Good thing it didn't say "Team Edward".

After all the goofy gifts, we gave Grandma and Grandpa a scrap book with everyone's testimonies written in it.

Afterward, we went to Grandpa Fred's and Grandma Dode's (Scott's) for their Christmas Eve. Everyone was sharing stories, talents and things they have been up to the last year. Unfortunately we came in late and couldn't easily squeeze ourselves in the room so we listened from the hallway and chased Carter around. We had lots of fun though.

The highlight of the night: we got to talk to Sandy! She sounded great and it was so weird talking to her on the phone, I felt like she was just over at her friend's house, goofing around. She is an awesome missionary and we are all so proud of her.

Christmas morning was great! We woke up in our apartment together, read Luke 2, and then got to open our presents from each other. Here's the loot:

We did pretty well!

I know what you're thinking: "What kind of a gift is a keyboard for a husband to get his wife? Especially when they already have one?" An awesome one! I HATE Scott's keyboard. It's one of those rounded ones with the letters split down the middle. I can't type on that thing at all! And every time I use it I tell him how much I hate it, so he was so sweet as to get rid of that thing and get a new one :)

My favorite part of the gifts from Scott was how he spent 3 hours in Target trying to decide what to get me, what color and if I was really going to like that or should he switch it for something else. Yes, he's a tad bit indecisive but it is sweet.

Here's another awesome gift from him:

Most people when they were unable to find the gift before Christmas, would just write out an IOU for one. Not Scott. I am now the proud owner of this artist's rendering of The Prestige/ an IOU for the movie.

Yes, we both got each other the same game. If your birthday is coming up, watch out! One of these babies might be coming your way!

After all the gift opening at our house, we headed over to our parents' houses where there was more gift opening. When we got to the Smiths' house they were still on their way home so we waited on the porch. We were looking at how beautiful their tree looked in the frontyard and thought it would be the perfect time to shoot some lovely fall pictures. Of course we used the timer on the camera which doesn't always turn out so great.

Overall, we had an awesome Christmas and can't wait for next year! Many thanks to all the people who gave us gifts, let us into their homes this holiday and have been there throughout the year. We love you all!


Nancy Smith... said...

It was a great Christmas, and we loved sharing it with wonderful Christy and Scott! You guys are awesome. What a special first Christmas together for you both!

Natalie said...

Happy 2010 to two of my favorite people!
You should blow up that photo of you and Scott and frame it. It's adorable!

Natalie said...

Ha ha the photo of you two on the bike. Sorry I didn't proof read.