Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Come Play With Us!

We just got a new video game (big surprise). It's a new Rockband of a small band that maybe you've heard of before:
This game is so groovy you wouldn't believe it. It also has all kinds of stuff you never knew about the Beatles. Here are some screenshots from the game:

And, after you play this game, you feel like you know what it is like to do drugs.

Last night we played the game for the first time and we decided we needed to commemorate the occasion somehow. So we dressed up 60's style.

Disclaimer to those who lived through the 60's: This is the best we could do on a moment's notice and without a trip to Goodwill!



I decided that my hair was more 70's than 60's so I had to change it. Hopefully the people who lived through the 60's will approve.

In summary, this game is really fun and you should come play it with us, and it definitely is more fun when you dress for the occasion.


Kellie said...

we're on our WAY!!! SO fun!! I seriosly want to come play that with you guys!

Melanie said...

How fun!! I've only played Rock Band once. We have guitar hero...but that's it. Sounds like a fun time!

Scott the Bot said...

You seriously need to! We only have 3 instruments though, so when we have 2 people over to play everyone takes turns being the backup dancer :)

Mike and Melissa said...

We want to come! Although...dressing up 60's will be hard for me since just getting dressed is a struggle. What instrument are you missing? We will bring it with us!

Scott the Bot said...

We have drums, mic and one guitar.

Stacey Rene said...

We LOVE you guys! We will be over in July to sit on our Futon and play the Beetles

Nancy Smith... said...

Bring it over again. I loved singing all those songs!

zuniga family said...

What day is good for you? Sal would be the lead singer everytime if he could. He loves the Beatles! Christy, I love the picture of you on the drums!

Heather said...

Christy!! So cute and you look so happy!!!! I miss you!!!