Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ode to Pacific Star

We have this burger place 4 doors down from us. It's called Pacific Star (I really don't know why, that's a random name for a burger place and we're not even close to the ocean or anything) and it's awesome. This is how close it is to us, picture taken from our driveway:

We call in our order, walk there and by the time we get there it's ready. Then we walk back to our house and eat it at home and it's still fresh. AND they are really awesome burgers and they have never messed up our order once. Awesome food and super convenient. What more could you ask for?

Last time we went to eat there we saw THIS on the door:
As you can imagine, we are not happy. Now we don't know where we are going to eat when we are craving a delicious burger and are feeling kind of lazy. Luckily we got to have one last burger there before they leave us.

Savor it or scarf it?


Kellie said...

SAD!!!! Please accept my condolences for your loss. :)

Nancy Smith... said...

Savor....freeze it in the back of your freezer for the memories...J/K....scarf it!
There's always In and Out....a drive though!