Friday, September 23, 2011

Due date come... and gone

Here I am on my due date:
Obviously I was not in the hospital having a baby. But I was not counting on that happening, so I wasn't too disappointed. I think Penny really wants to come out and doesn't know how. She is always beating away on my cervix and my pelvis, but I did not have even 1 contraction until Wednesday (my due date) after the doctor stretched my cervix. That did seem to help get things going, I started having weak contractions sporadically, but in the evening they became more regular and stronger. I thought Thursday might be the day, as I had contractions all night Wednesday night. But when I woke up Thursday morning they were gone. Apparently I'm just a night person, because the same thing happened yesterday: I had a few here and there throughout the day and then they started coming stronger and more frequently at night. And then, again, nothing this morning.

I had another doctor's appointment today, I was hoping she would say I was starting to dilate, but I was not counting on it. I was dilated to a ONE- so she stretched me a little more and stripped my membranes. Since then I have been having more contractions, and I'm really hoping they continue because If she's not here Monday then I will be induced.

By the way- has anyone looked at my counter? For some reason, on my due date it said "0 days", and then it started counting up!

Why I am glad I am having a girl:
Talk about timing.

Everyone has been giving me their labor tips: "When I had my baby I held my breath, and turned around 3 times while rubbing my belly- and that night I went into labor! Try it, it works!" I don't know about all these home remedies, but the one that seems to work best is walking, so I am off to (hopefully) walk this baby out!

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