Saturday, August 10, 2013

My wife is so great!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful wife for everything she does for me and for Penny.  She is an incredible mother and an amazing wife.  I honestly do not know what she was thinking when she decided to marry me, but I'm not going to push it :)  I am so inspired by her faith, motivation, willingness to serve and her hard work and dedication towards anything she commits to.  I love that when Christy sets her mind on something she is locked on and you know it's gonna happen!  I love how not only I know that I can depend on her but others know they can depend on her as well.  I love the way she lights up when she is with Penny, the love that just radiates from her face when they're together.  I love when she scratches my back when all she wants to do is sleep.  I love how she sings whatever thing I wasn't able to hear her say the third time I ask her to repeat something. I love her pancakes!  She makes awesome pancakes!  I love that she loves her family.  I love her love of books; she's my Belle :)  I love everything she cooks (with the exception of one or two things that I blame Pinterest for) I love how she will go with me to do things I know she dreads and despises with a fiery passion but does it because she knows how much I love it.  I love how supportive she is to me, how she encourages me to seek out my dream. My wife is an incredible woman and I am so lucky to have her.  And I just love her very much!


Anonymous said...

He's definitely a keeper

Kellie said...

I love her too! Christy is awesome.