Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It seems like Penny is growing in leaps and bounds.  She always has several "firsts" at the same time.

She got her first tooth a week ago (if you look real close you can see it on the bottom right):
But, she is still just as happy as can be!
I was always scared of teething because of the stories from other parents about being up all night, etc.  But apparently no one told Penny teething hurts, because she doesn't seem to mind at all!  I wouldn't have known she was teething if it wasn't for all the drool and chewing on everything.  She is working on her bottom left tooth too.

Penny also got her big girl crib a few weeks ago, which she seems to like.  Not long after we got it she decided she needed to move as much as possible in bed.  I put her to bed something like this:
On her back, with her feet pointing to the wall.

But she usually ends up something like this:

Or this:
She now turns over onto her belly very easily, turns around and around in circles and gets stuck in all kinds of interesting places.  I am in so much trouble when she starts walking.

AND last week she also learned how to pull herself up.  I was taping her for Daddy and she happened to do it for the first time then, so I got it on camera:

She hasn't quite nailed down sitting herself up yet, so we're not in too much trouble yet.

Cousin Travis is her best friend.  When they sit in the back of the car together they always hold hands.  But sometimes Penny holds his hand too tight and then he yanks his hand away and scowls at her.

Yesterday Penny went to the beach for the first time, with Travis.  She thought it was very fun!

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Kellie said...

Aw, so cute! I can't wait to see little Penny next week. Teething wasn't bad with my girls until the I-teeth. THOSE SUCK.