Friday, April 20, 2012


Penny LOVES kids.  She can't get enough of them. 

 Her favorite thing to do is go to the park (or any other place where kids might be) and just watch the other kids.  She just grins and laughs while watching them. 

 She loves all kids.  Regardless of age or anything else. 

But her favorite friend by far is "Ynnep". 
 She is such a girl, she could just look at herself all day long.

 Do you notice the shirt?  "Aunt" Rachel made it for her, it's definitely one of our favorites.

And of course, she loves to kiss herself.


First thing we do in the morning is go see how Ynnep is doing.
Gotta love the excited arms.


Kellie said...

This is hilarious! Ynnep! So clever.

Team Smith Adventures said...

Of course that was all Scott!