Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our lives

Just wanted to do a little update of what we've been up to lately.  Penny still has way more than her share of personality:

This is how she likes wearing her sunglasses:

Remember this picture?

Well, apparently, she decided all her glasses need to look like that.

She loves reading now even more than ever:
She would just have us read her books all day long if we let her.

She also thinks she's hilarious:

And she has discovered a new love: coloring.

She's really good about coloring on her little notebook and apparently she is a very strong righty- she never uses her left (I, the lefty of the family, was a little bummed).  

Another new love: purses.
This picture kind of freaks me out.  She thinks she's 18 already!

A couple of days ago the 3 of us were just hanging out in our room (yes, we all share a room), doing our own thing.  We looked over at Penny and she was just laying on the floor, playing with whatever was nearby.
It totally brought me back to my childhood where the floor was just as good a place as any to lay and the most unconventional things were the best toys.  Enjoy it while you can, Penny!

Scott is still working for Activision (doing quality assurance for video games), they just finished Black Ops.  And still trying to get in as much play time with this little girl as possible!

Scott and I don't do Black Friday shopping so on Black Friday this year we decided it would be our Welcoming in the Christmas Season Day.  We decorated for Christmas, listened to Christmas music in our jammies and made Christmas treats all day.  Scott named it "Fat Friday."  

Scott was getting out the nativity set and I looked over and saw him telling Penny the Christmas story with it and her listening so well.

It was so cute.  And then they both had to play with them.
(I don't remember the Disney princesses being at the stable)

Penny saw me stirring some dough and wanted to help.
She is a very good helper!

And then she had to have a sample.
Now she thinks anything I am stirring needs to go in her mouth, even if it is funky-looking to me.


The Story of us said...

She is so adorable. It is so much fun watching them at this age. I love the video:)

Flurry of Urry said...

psh, no shame christi. there's 4 of us in one bedroom. (we're a close family, lol)