Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I like my hands the way they are.

I love my job (veterinary technician) and love the animals I get to take care of. Of course, not all of the animals are real keen on the idea of me taking care of them. Occasionally we will get an animal that needs one of these on its chart:

This means that the animal has, at some point, shown signs of aggression and to never let your guard down when treating it. Some are not that nice.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Some really want our blood.

But this one takes it to a whole new level.

Enough said.


Heather said...

hahahahaha. I was looking at that last one and totally missing the "watch out" and I was so lost. But then I saw it and pulled back a bit in my chair! ah! that's scary! haha.

Mike and Melissa said...

I like that her name is "Diva" lol

Nancy Smith... said...

So Funny.....watch out...that's a good one.